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What We Do

Carrdan Corporation is a privately held supplier of automotive and industrial components located in Southeast Michigan. Our focus lies in providing high volume parts at a competitive price to Tier One manufacturers across North America and providing sourcing assistance with lower volume parts to smaller, non-automotive firms which allows them to be more competitive in the global marketplace. Typically, we provide engineering collaboration, prototyping from our in-house machining department, and pre-launch support to ensure that from product concept through production, your needs are met in a quality and cost conscious manner.

The products we supply span a broad range of manufacturing processes including machining, cold forming, stamping, casting, and molding. Often, by combining these methods, we can supply product at a cost more competitively than by a single manufacturing method. Depending on the size of the run, parts can be run internally or sourced through our partner factories in Asia and released on a just in time basis from our warehouse. Carrdan strives to be that perfect combination supplier with capabilities that extend from the early phases of design to full product implementation. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

Hardware Kits




A variety of products focused on automotive specials and standards are warehoused in our 110,000-square-foot facility. Rivnuts, Screws, T-Bolts, Ball Studs, Clips, Ties, Sockets, and inserts are stocked and available for JIT delivery.


Precision Machining

Multi-axis machining centers give us flexibility to produce even the most complex parts efficiently and precisely.



Variations include progression and transfer die stamped, deep drawn, and 4-slide parts. Short runs with laser cut and formed parts available.

Injection Molded Parts

Injection Molding

Injection molded rubber and plastic parts can be produced to your custom specifications. Overmolding of seals and gaskets, ultrasonic welding of inserts, and secondary assembly of components are available.



Carrdan supplies close tolerance aluminum and stainless extrusions for a variety of applications especially compression limiters and sleeves. Secondary operations on more complex designs can be done in-house to customize your application.


Casting & Forging

Zinc, aluminum, and steel die and cast parts are supplied with secondary machining processes available.

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