Stamped Parts

Variations include progression and transfer die stamped, deep drawn, and 4-slide parts. Short runs with laser cut and formed parts available.

Speed Nuts and Clips

Carrdan Corporation has the expertise to design clips or find existing parts that will work in your application. Finishes are available in many colors with salt spray up to 2000 hours. We work to encourage cross program design on all components to help our customers keep costs low.

Stamped Clips and Speed Nuts
Stamped Brackets

Stamped Parts and Brackets

We provide stampings from various processes including deep draw, laser cut, progressive die, transfer die, and 4 slide depending on the size and volume of the part. In addition to our gas spring mounting brackets, we source custom stampings, Tinnerman and Palnut type parts, shims and washers, as well as brackets and housings.

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